Werthing Foundation Programs


Healthy Choices, Healthy Decisions


(Healthy Choices, Healthy Decisions)

The Healthy Choices Healthy Decisions (HCHD) program is designed to motivate women and girls to set goals, make good decisions and develop healthy relationships. Evidence-based curriculums provide an array of interactive activities, talking circles, role-plays and video vignettes of real life teens. Program participants learn to handle negative peer pressure and relationship pressure and are challenged to develop self-respect, compassion, honesty and courage.

What is HCHD?

HCHD consistent of evidence-based curriculums designed to motivate participants to set goals, make good decision and develop healthy relationships.


The goal is for each young lady and woman to seek to set goals in all areas of their lives and make the right decisions to reach their goals.



The HCHD mission is to empower women and girls to change their behavior to reduce their risk of becoming infected with STD’s and decrease their chances of unintended pregnancies.


As girls develop into young women they experience physical, emotional and psychological challenges. They need the tools to help them make good decision and healthy choices about their bodies, sex, drugs and alcohol.

HCHD programs teach participants about goal-setting, healthy relationships, refusal skills and character building. The curriculums are designed to equip and empower participants to abstain from activities that may have negative impact on their lives and everyone in their family.

HCHD develops confident, self-sufficient young women with the capacity for a lifetime of leadership and service.