Light up the World Mentorship Program


Light Up the World (LUTW) is a mentoring program for the 21st century. A diverse talent of young women of color receive skills and gain a competitive edge to stay ahead of the curve in business, STEM and education. Through a guided experience, mentors will lead education programs, career exploration, and cultural awareness. These Gen-Zs and Millennials will Light Up the World!

LUTW recruits, trains, and coaches’ young women of color currently in college or who are college bound by providing mentoring, academic support, professional development, and scholarships. Creating an authentic sustainable relationship, young women will explore careers, meet local and national leaders and cultivate cultural awareness.

How does the LUTW work? With our reach to improve diversity & equity, our proprietary software will help match the mentor/mentee partnership. Through a guided experience, the mentor & mentee follow a comprehensive program that develops a pathway to success.

How will the young women become mentees? LUTW partners with pre-collegiate programs, universities and business organizations to identity under-resourced diverse young women that may be absent of positive role models, will apply to learn, grow and develop a clear pathway to success.

  • Empower through business and community access, education and information.
  • Increase next level achievements though self-efficacy.
  • Provide safe support and guidance through virtual and in person mentoring.

The Werthing Foundation, is an ideal community and corporate partner to enhance the capacity of your organization’s strategic diversity pipeline goals.

  • Mentored over 3,000 girls
  • Empowered over 1,200 women
  • Served over 3,600 male & females in 5th-12th grades with a 90% completion rate

The Werthing Foundation seeks to develop mutually-beneficial partnerships with organizations & individuals whose missions and core values align with our own.