Who We Are

The Werthing Foundation’s purpose is to enhance and engage young people through a pro-active life skills approach. By teaching them how to be productive in life, the foundation initiates their greater potential for personal and professional achievement.

Werthing Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonproft organization, focused on delivering effective programs and services to women and girls for the next level of leadership since 2009. Since 2010 Werthing Foundation has partnered with over 30 major corporations and community leaders.

When rising leaders are empowered, confident and self-sufficient, they become high achievers and positively impact the lives of everyone in their family and community. The Werthing Foundation provides leadership and development training programs to become effective and powerful leaders.

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Our Mission

To impact generations of girls and women in their journeys to confident, self-sufficient lives.

Our Vision

To promote quality of life among girls and women in their journey by enhancing their capacities for a lifetime of leadership and service to the community.

Board of Directors

Gloria Werthing Reynolds

Willie James Reynolds

Marvis Werthing Lloyd