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Werthing Foundation

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, focused on delivering effective programs and services to women and girls for the next level of leadership since 2009.

Light Up The World Mentorship & Scholarship Program

Light Up The World fosters brilliance in young women of color. It’s our signature program at the Werthing Foundation, and it’s been enhancing the lives of young women of color for decades. Our effective and holistic blend of scholarships, mentoring, technology, professional development and cultural awareness helps illuminate paths to success and equips future leaders to Light Up The World.


GIRL POWER ACADEMY is a movement for girls of color that is rooted in mentorship and promotes entrepreneurship & excellence and gives them exposure and access to opportunities.

Our Signature Programs

Light Up The World (LUTW)

Light Up The World fosters brilliance in college-aged young women of color through our holistic blend of mentorships, scholarships and professional development.

Girl Power Academy (GPA)

GPA is a movement for girls of color rooted in mentorship that promotes entrepreneurship and excellence as well as gives them exposure and access to opportunities and resources.

Girls’ Day Summit

Girls’ Day offers workshops that help girls foster healthy friendships with their peers while understanding issues that impact girls.

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