Healthy Choices

04 December, 2016
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Healthy Choices Healthy Decisions (HCHD) program is designed to motivate women and girls to set goals, make good decisions and develop healthy relationships. The program empowers adolescents to change their behavior to reduce their risk of becoming infected with STD’s and decrease their chances of untended pregnancies.
Evidence-based curriculums provide an array of interactive activities, talking circles, role-plays and video vignettes of real life teens. Program participants learn to handle negative peer pressure and relationship pressure and are challenged to develop self-respect, compassion, honesty and courage.
The curriculum is interactive, conversational and student-centric.

Program Curriculum Overview

  • Students learn about leadership, healthy life choices, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and pregnancy prevention.
  • Students participate in Talking Circles, Brainstorming and Role-Play sessions.
  • There an array of activities such as watching and discussing videos, exercises and games that make learning enjoyable.
  • Activities are brief 10 to 15 minute sessions that follow with discussion.
  • The information is serious and important, but presented in a way that students can learn together and enjoy themselves.